“The show was WONDERFUL and it was truly amazing from start to finish! The work that you do truly shows in the smiles of the children and the dance in their steps. Your talent is a true gift from God and is wonderful to see! Thank you again!!”

— Gerri

“I just wanted to thank you again for all the time and effort you put in to make the show happen today – Prudence was very proud of herself to be a part of it (as were all of us) and she had a great time! We all enjoyed it very much!”

— Jeanna M.

“Thank you for all your hard work in putting together a fantastic show. The kids really did a great job.”

— Michelle V.

“It is so sad to think of having to find a new dance studio once we move 🙁 I’ve done a little looking around, and no one offers the variety of beginners classes you do. You really have something special.”

— Maria W.

“Just want to tell you that Kristen and Julia dance around constantly using terminology and everything. It is very cute. They clearly learned a lot and play “ballet” class often. I do enjoy when they imitate you from the welcome song to your circle songs, etc. They even give each other your line when they role play “You get what you get and you don’t get upset!” It really makes me laugh. Just thought you’d like to know that you impact your students from many angles.”

— Margaret P.

“We all keep talking about Elizabeth’s birthday @ your studio. Thank you for working with me to do the Alice in Wonderland theme. She loved every minute. I hear it’s the best party that anyone ever attended!”

— Gretchen G.

“I just wanted to tell you that we received so many wonderful compliments on Lauren’s birthday party. You and Jessica did such a great job engaging the girls in the princess stories and it really was a great party. Lauren loved it. Thank you for making her birthday so special.”

— Felicia T.


“I can’t tell you how muich your concern for Maura means. You are truly a special force in her life! I think it’s fair to say you expanded her dance horizons tonight! Plus, you provided the girls with an opportunity to bond and just have fun with their love of dance.”

— Mary Margaret W.


“Our time with you is very special to ALL of us. The “extra ” that you put into everything you do mean so much. Your well instructed age appropriate classes and your passion for dance are only over shadowed by your patience and professionalism.”

— Cathy C.


“Thank you for being such a great teacher to my kids. They never would have found dance if it weren’t for you. You were always so patient, kind and understanding about their shyness and it really did wonders for them!”

— Joy P.

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